Saturday, September 17

Out Of The Blue

 Blueberry Loaf Cake

Do you ever lament at how the batter turns that purple-y blue when adding blueberries?  No matter how gently and carefully I fold the berries into the batter, by the time I'm done everything is blue.  Now I love the blue of the berries, but I do not like blue-streaked dough, so here's how I deal with it:

For blueberry loaves, I divided the dough and poured 1/2 into the pan. Then I sprinkled the blueberries over top and finished adding, and spreading, the rest of the dough over the berries.   As you can see, no blue dough.'s what I do for pancakes:  Ladle the batter on the hot grill first, then top with a few blueberries and press just a smidgeon into the dough, so they are slightly hidden - that way they won't stick when you flip them to fry on the other side.

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