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How to Select Juicy Oranges

As I don't live in a part of the world where oranges grow in my backyard (or anywhere nearby), I used to find it frustrating to shop for juicy oranges.  So often they looked great on the outside, but I'd come home, only to peel and find them all dried up inside.

That is....... UNTIL..... my best girlfriend who grew up in Trinidad, West Indies, shared her secret with me.

When you're choosing an orange, find one that feels fairly 'heavy' for its size. Use that as a measuring tool. Put it in one hand and then start selecting oranges and compare them in your other hand. Is it lighter? Heavier? Similar? If it's too light, that means the orange is drying out.

Now it's very rare for me to come home with oranges that aren't lovely, juicy and wonderful to eat.


You or Your Kids Don't Like Spinach or Other Greens?

If steamed spinach or swiss chard are not on your list of favourite dishs (they certainly aren't on mine), these become very palatable (honest) when you spoon a little peanut sauce over them.

Note:  It's lightly steamed until just wilted... not melted like a puddle at the bottom of the pot.  (talking from experience here!)


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