Sunday, December 11


 Doesn't this chocolate-covered pot call out to the kid in you?
Get me a spoon and my taster!

"Call them cookies, call them candies, call them delicious!"

We agree!!!!

Makes about 48

2 - 10 oz packages of semisweet chocolate chips  (2-300 g)
1 - 10 oz package peanut butter chips (300 g)
2 cups salted peanuts
7 oz box ripple potato chips, coarsely crumbled (200 g)

1.  Melt chocolate and peanut butter chips.
2.  Sir in peanuts and crumbled chips.
3.  Drop by teaspoon on cookie tray.
4.  Leave to cool or put tray in freezer for quicker setting.
5.  Store in containers and return to freezer*.

As the recipe goes on to say:
"You can also freeze these and eat them when you're doing the laundry!"

Recipe originally from The Best of the Best and More


  1. Wow, chocolate potato chips! Does it get any better? My mother-in-law has a similar recipe but instead of using potato chips she puts in crunchy chow mein noodles, and instead of peanut butter she uses butter scotch chips. I bet Tony would love this recipe! Delisa :)

  2. They are yummy... the only thing I find is that you really need to make them smaller rather than larger, because they are so rich and sweet.

    They are wonderful as a 'petite' morsel.

  3. Bad Brenda! Bad girl! This looks like the perfect treat--sweet and salty all at once--completely addictive (you and Lays--"can't eat just one!"). Make them smaller, and you'll just eat 10 instead of 5. :) I enjoy your sunshiny posts, Brenda.